We are committed to bring you 
a premium Cannabis shopping experience.

We are focused on families & community

As a family-run business, our focus is directed to the communities we operate in. 

Compassionate care for all

We treat everyone with compassion. Our goal is to help, educate and support our customers by providing best-in-class service.

We are advocates for responsible Cannabis use

Aiming to inspire positive changes and better lifestyles through customer education and engagement.

Our ultimate goal 

is to become the leading licensed micro-business within the Greater Boston area.
This will be achieved utilizing our team's real world experience, preeminent knowledge of the plant and state-of-the-art cultivation and processes.
Our facility will include cultivation, manufacturing and home delivery services.
Motah uses the highest quality sourced products.
Motah leardership has over 50 years of combined experience of cultivating, manufacturing, and successfully meeting the demands and expectations of premium Cannabis clientele.
We put strong emphasis on securing relationships with local community members and elected officials to influence the climate and landscape of social equity in relation to growing Cannabis market.
The success of our community economic vitalization strategy correlates with establishing our social equity leadership platform amongst local and online communities, becoming a valuable resource for diverse citizens and business owners alike.
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